UAS Movie and TV Production

Along with the many uses and applications for civilian UAS, the film industry has been trying to get their hands on UAS for filming. This is another fine example of an industry realizing the true potential and benefit of using UAS for a multitude of applications. Recently seven photo and video production companies have asked the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for regulatory exemptions that would allow them to use UAS for aerial videography and photography. This would be the first time that the film and television industry would be able to use UAS with the FAA’s approval.

The seven companies who have petitioned for the exemption are all independent aerial cinematography professionals who all worked together to create the exemption requests. If the requests are granted, it would be a huge step for the FAA in addressing the demand for regulations for commercial UAS operations.

Many industries who are looking to use small UAS are pushing the FAA to implement revisions to Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012. Section 333 deals with waiving certain airworthiness requirements to let specific UAS fly in a safe manner in narrowly defined and controlled situations that are of low risk.

In order for the seven companies to receive the exemptions, they must show that their UAS operations will not adversely affect safety or at least provide an equal level of safety. They must also show why it would be in the public’s interest to grant the exemption.

Currently, the only way for a UAV to fly in civilian airspace is through the use of a COA (Certificate of Authorization). The process to obtain a COA is lengthy and cumbersome. With more and more companies wanting to take advantage of UAS for specific applications, it’s only time before the FAA will make the process of using UAS for commercial operations more streamlined and efficient.

For more information on the FAA considering exemptions for commercial UAS movie and TV production, click here.

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