Benefits of Drone Robotics in Mining & Aggregates

Using drone robotics is all about developing better and more cost effective data. This provides advantages in every part of the mining and aggregate production lifecycle including exploration, planning/permitting, operations, and reclamation.

Some of these benefits include:

• Using UAVs in mining is simply a more cost-effective method than traditional mapping and surveying approaches.
• Drones are cheaper to operate than manned aircraft, which entail a number of running and maintenance costs.
• Using Drone Robotics is much more cost effective and flexible for your needs in the field.
Innovative program design flexibility geared to your business process.


Uses – Mining & Exploration Solutions:

Activities where Mining, Exploration and Aggregate companies have value using drones robotics.

• Pit and dump management • Communication of daily/weekly plans
• Haul route surface optimizations
• Haul road, dump and pit design
• Up-to-date surfaces for optimized blast designs
• Pre- and post-blast data • Stockpile management
• Grade control & exploration planning • Drainage and water management
• Watershed, drainage basin, and water flow mapping
• Thermal detection of ground water inflows Tailing dams management, etc.
• Construction feasibility studies Leach pad, dam wall, and platform construction quality control
• Construction progress monitoring & reporting
• Geophysical & watershed/catchment area modeling
• Land usage reporting• Heritage and environmental management
• Erosion detection
• Vegetation change tracking
• Cadaster surveys
• Property rights definition
• Security, corridor, and boundary surveillance
• Innovative drone data for use in mine and pit machinery management.