We use a variety of drones for imaging, videography and mapping yet our core go to drone system is the DJI Mavic Pro.


Custom build camera and sensor drones 
The Hover Cat Drone – A commercial drone for – Imaging, Inspection, Mapping, Data Gathering & Customizing.These are light weight and can be configured to carry different payloads weights. Both the HoverCat 4 and HoverCat 6 are designed to be able to mount Cameras and gimbals below, The more industrial design, allows for attaching different add ons including sensors, lights, landing gear and just about anything you want to add on to the frame. In other words, its very versatile nature makes it more adaptable and friendly for those who want to maintain and customize to suit you industry purpose.
The HoverCat 4 is ideal for small business use. However this is not just toy, the HoverCat 4 is can be used for all types projects. This Quad multi copter is designed with 4 carbon fiber arms and a carbon fiber landing gear which make it lite and ideal for flying in tight spaces or low level hovering.
The HoverCat 6 is ideal for heavier payload industrial use. Ideal for Construction, Civil Engineering, Ground Development, Surveying & Mapping,Real Estate, Oil and Energy environments. Designed with larger motors for higher payload means greater lift.
HoverCat 6-Drone