Pre Flight Check List

The 12 Steps for Take off . Flying the Outdoor Robotics V1 – Hexacopter

Before any V1 Hexacopter flight it is important to go through a series of Equipment checks and practice procedures.

___    Step 1 – Check your Lithium battery storage levels using a Battery meter. Outdoor Robotics uses the Cell Meter.

___    Step 2 – Securely attach your battery to your V1 Copter using the Velcro strapped provided and make sure it is properly centered. Balance is important with all copters.

___    Step 3 – Plugin the safety alert connector from your battery to the alert light attached to your copter. Depending on the OR model this is usually found on the fron of one of the landing gear legs.

___    Step 4 – Important step – TURN ON your radio and make sure all switches are in the forward position. If they are in the correct position your unit will switch on and read “Outdoor Robotics”. If they are not in the correct position you will see an alert message that reads “Alert”. Always make sure that your Gear toggle is in the forward “Stable” Position” mode. (This is important for proper take off. If you are in GPS mode on lift off your copter may want to drift seeking a gps position.)

___    Step 5 – Plug in the lithium battery. It is important to do this in this sequence as to prevent the copter from accidently starting on its own. Which is not good for your arms!

___    Step 6 – Check to make sure both operating controls are in up right and center positions. Left control is for elevation Back = DOWN Forward = UP

The Right control is back = Backwards and Forward =  Forwards. The further these are pushed the greater the speed.

___    Step 7 – For Take off –  Make sure you are in an area with plenty of room; place copter at least 40 feet from you and your radio. We suggest for lift off to be in a space of at least 150 across with out any overhead obstructions, building etc. near by.

___    Step 8 – To power on pull both toggles back. The left control back and to the right corner. The Left toggle back to the left corner. Away a couple seconds and your copter blades will start rotation. In order to keep you copter for automatically turning off apply a small amount of power (left toggle)

___    Step 9 – Watch the alert lights for the GPS lock sequence. It will start out woth 1 amber light followed by 3 red light flashs. This will continue througha sequence to 1 amber 2 red flases to 1 amber 1 red flash to finally a Fast flashing green light which indicates you now have a GPS LOCK. It is IMPORTANT you wait for this signal as GPS lock makes take off and flight operation much more stable.

You are ready for Take off.

___    Step 10 – Give a sufficient amount of forward control lever (left lever) to lift off as the copter can slightly drift due to wind or other conditions.

___    Step 11 – Once the copter is in the air for a least 5 – 10 seconds at approximately 10 feet, you can the flip the right toggle (Tracking toggle) from Stable (forward position) to GPS (center position) mode.

___    Step 12 – To get familiar with the current wind conditions do only slight movements back and forth and side to side using your control levers.

Happy Flying! If you have questions, you can always contact us.