Online Content and Community Development

with Outdoor Robotics

1. Are you proficient with social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs, and Forums?
2. Do you quickly pick up new social media platforms?
3. Do you have excellent reading, writing, and typing skills?
4. Do you enjoy research and writing?
5. Can you easily format photos, graphics, and video?
6. Do you enjoy being creative and designing?
7. Are you interested in technology?
8. Are you a self-motivated goal oriented person? (I.E. are you a list maker and do you like completing those tasks?)
9. Are you organized? Do you like being organized on a regular basis?
10. Do you easily communicate and get along well with others?

Then you might be a good fit as a content and community developer working with our small local team.

Your Objective:

To build sales and leads through content, community, and brand development.

Key Activities & Responsibilities:

• Developing and monitoring an ongoing conversation using social media and blogs to drive people to take action on our website.
• Writing and creating a regular bi weekly news update.
• Maintaining and building our database of subscribers, prospects, clients, and followers.
• Formatting images and creating small videos
• Communicating and following up with online and phone inquiries.
• Writing regular weekly articles.