Software Engineer – Platform

with Outdoor Robotics

We are looking for good people that want to work in software development of our company.
To apply and be a good fit with us you should be excited about drone platform development and working with technology.

Interested applicants will most likely be on the software program track if they are still attending University.

Your Background include:

Proficiency in Java, Android Development, C++.
Previous experience with flight or GPS software
Knowledge and experience in PHP is also valuable.


• Designing UI in GroundSense

• Communication Flow Design

• Firmware Plugin Design

• Pixhawk, and Electronic Board construction, design and configuration.

• New product prototyping and testing,


Good writing skills are an asset, as all persons will be contributing to bi-weekly research articles and instruction manual development.

The intern trial period is non-paid for 3 –6 months.

If accepted into the program, interns will be getting experience and the opportunity to work in an exciting emerging industry with an established software company that has been in business since 1999.

Interns completing the Outdoor Robotics Internship will be eligible for hourly project/contract work after the internship trial period is over.


• Interns will be required to have a laptop and cell phone in order to work with Outdoor Robotics systems remotely and locally.