Outdoor Robotics at AUVSI 2014

Outdoor Robotics at AUVSI 2014

The Outdoor Robotics team was excited to have the opportunity to attend the 2014 AUVSI conference in Orlando. With 4 of us attending, we were able to cover a lot of ground in the workshop sessions and out on the show floor.

While there was a greater emphasis on the defense industry type companies, there was also a decent representation of smaller UAV companies. Throughout the show we were able to see a lot of very cool and innovative products like the new Parrot.

Not only did we get to see some new and innovative products, but we were also able to see some pretty interesting new technology for UAV’s. One of the most interesting new pieces of technology that we were able to see at the show was the development of Geomapping software and hardware. This is something that our SORD team will be incorporating in our new designs for the upcoming shows we plan on exhibiting at.

The workshops at the show were divided into two types of discussions, one discussion for FAA rules and regulations and the other for early commercial applications. At the commercial applications discussion, speakers were talking about the use of UAV’s in the field of agriculture, oil, gas, and cell tower checking. All of these discussions were interesting and the whole team learned a lot from each of them.

Outdoor Robotics at AUVSI 2014Outdoor Robotics at AUVSI 2014Outdoor Robotics at AUVSI 2014

My overall view of the show maybe best summarized in an interview I did with the Orlando Sentinel while attending the show. In short though, we picked up a lot of information on the current UAS industry as well as connected with several manufactures and distributors that we will be building relationships with so we can continue to build out creations here in Central Florida.

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