Open Drone

The Open Drone Design was the original custom Outdoor Robotics design. These are made mostly out of carbon fiber from available OEM parts allowing anyone to customize and configure these designs using standard hardware and open source drones ( or proprietary software). These designs are tested using  3DR or DJI electronics and autopilot systems.

These are light weight and can be configured to carry different payloads weights. Both the HoverCat and VisionCat are designed to be able to mount Cameras and gimbals below, The more industrial design, which is also more open, allows for attaching different add ons including sensors, lights, landing gear and just about anything you want to screw on to the frame. In other words, its very versatile nature makes it more adaptable and friendly for those who want to work on there drone and make changes.

The Models are the HoverCat Quad copter and the VisionCat Hexacopter.

The HOVER CAT Open Drone 

The HoverCat is ideal for home and personal use. However this is not just toy, the HoverCat is great for filming all types projects. This Quad multi copter is designed with 4 carbon fiber arms and a carbon fiber landing gear which make it lite and ideal for flying in tight spaces or low level hovering. For more information on HoverCat open drone tech specs or To Order.

Outdoor Robotics - Open Drone - HoverCat

The VISION CAT Open Drone  

The VisionCat is ideal for business and professional use. Equipped with all you need for filming in a variety of situations. Whether its for news reporting, public safety, environmental or fast action sports the VisionCat is all you will need to capture the moment. Designed with larger motors for higher payload means greater camera lift for improved filming quality. For more information on VisionCat open drone tech specs or To Order.

Outdoor Robotics - Open Drone - Vision Cat