Micasense multispectral cameras for remote sensing.

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Enterprise Solutions Package for: Photo, Video and Mapping Solutions

Industries: Construction, Insurance, Surveying & Mapping, Agriculture, Utilities & Telecom and Public Safety

For Enterprise business looking for aerial photo, video and data solutions.  


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Here is a brief overview.

The MicaSense RedEdge™ is an advanced, lightweight, multispectral camera optimized for use in small unmanned aircraft systems, and available for use on manned aircraft as well. RedEdge™ provides accurate multi-band data for agricultural remote sensing applications.

RedEdge™ is much more than just a camera, sharing more design features with Earth imaging satellites than it does with standard consumer cameras. Industrial imaging sensors provide high dynamic range in varying lighting conditions while removing artifacts commonly seen in drone video and imagery. Coupled with MicaSense ATLAS, RedEdge™ provides a complete imaging, processing, and analysis system ready for integration with any platform.

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SteadiDrone_MicaSense_RedEdge_2_Key Features:

More than just pretty pictures – simultaneous capture of five discrete spectral bands optimized for crop health data gathering. Fly fast – we can keep up! Capturing all bands once per second enables faster flight speeds and lower altitude captures. Distortion-free – global shutter design creates distortion-free images on every platform. Single card – tired of juggling multiple cards? With RedEdge™, one SD card stores all images and data for easy data transfer. Metadata included – all image files are time-stamped and geo-tagged, no third party tools or autopilot logs required. Fully calibrated – leave your integrating sphere at home, we have you covered. Every camera comes fully calibrated for precise, repeatable measurements every time. Stand-alone – with external GPS connections and self-triggering capability, easily collect geo-tagged data without any connections to the host vehicle. Data at your fingertips – With Wi-Fi built in, preview images and change settings from your phone, tablet, and computer. Fully integrated – our convenient ethernet, serial, and Wi-Fi host interfaces allow tight integration with any platform. No moving parts – solid-state design means nothing to break on those dusty days or the occasional harsh landing.