Drone Services

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Are you looking for Outdoor Photo and Video Aerial Services or thinking about becoming an Aerial Photo or Video Service Provider. If yes.  then join the Outdoor Robotics Drone Service Provider Network. We are always looking to help businesses by providing qualified drone and media providers.

Drone Services include – Aerial Photography, Aerial Video, Aerial Mapping, Custom Drone Robotics, custom design and  development for drone and small commercial unmanned aerial systems.

Florida Drones services are provided for the following local areas: Drones Daytona Beach, Drones Orlando, Drones New Smyrna Beach, Drones Jacksonville, Drones Miami, Drones Ormond Beach, Drones Lake Mary, Drones Tampa and Drones Gainesville.

Minnesota Drone Services will be provided to the following areas on a per project basis: Drones Minneapolis, Drones Cambridge, Drones St Cloud and Drones Duluth.

New Mexico Drone Services areas will includethe following on a per project basis: Drones Albuquerque and Drones Santa Fe

Drone Services

Drone Flight Operations

If you are looking for Aerial Photography, Aerial Video or Media please Contact Us to discuss your job.

Drone Business Startup –  Join our Growing Network of Outdoor Robotics Aerial Service Providers

Do you have background in RC (radio control) or Photography or visual media? Are you thinking about starting a business offering aerial services? Are you excited about Drones and Unmanned Systems? If so then you maybe in the right place because Outdoor Robotics is always looking to expand our network of Drone pilots and service providers. In fact we can help you get started in setting up your business since Grimmster Technologies (parent company) has been helping people setup and market there businesses for over 12 years. Contact us to learn how we can help you join a growing network of Drone operator service providers and build your business.

If you are like the many people these days that and perhaps then starting a business offering aerial photography and aerial video services

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Once you signup we will contact you with more information. Thanks for your interest and remember #DroneResponsible.

Drone Robotics Design

We Design and develop drone and small unmanned aerial systems.
Turn Key – Ready to Fly Commercial Drone Systems,  Open Drone – Customizable Drones  and  3D Drone – 3D Printable Drones

Drone Platform Flexibility

Outdoor Robotics platforms allow clients to fly a wide variety cameras and sensors to suit their individual needs. We also provide turn-key solutions for industries like surveying, mapping, energy industry, public safety and more.

Drone Support

Our support team is always there to help. Whether by phone, Skype, email or hands-on support in the field, we are here to assist and to keep you flying.

Ready to Fly Drones

The main service of course is providing you with performance multi rotor drone technology. We offer our SteadiDrone Commercial / Industrial series for advanced and endurance flight operations.