Drone Options

3D Printable Drone Designs

Since outdoor robotics has spent a considerable amount of time on drone design it is only appropriate that we offer several different drone options and add ons to meet your specific needs.

Some of our standard drone options for the Outdoor Robotics 3D Drones includes:

Landing Gear – Different variable height landing gear to accommodate different size camera gimbals or skid type landing gear for being able to slide your landing in winding conditions where their maybe more of a risk of you multi rotor drone flipping on its side.

Camera Mounts – Depending on the the MOD Drone model, different camera mounts which vary in length and shape can allow you to position your camera in different positions in order to capture the angle shot you need. For example being able to position your camera facing straight up would allow you to take picture of the underside of a bridge which is needed for bridge inspection. Also different types of camera mounts are needed to accommodate different camera types.

Motor Mounts – The motor mounts that are available in the MOD series are currently designed to fit a Tiger KV 710 or the better value Tiger Multistar 700 series.
We will be designing more motor mounts as we design more air frames and configurations.

Sensor Mounts – Drone applications many include many different types of sensors and transmitters that need to be mounted to your drone for capturing critical data which may be uploaded to the cloud. Applications for geo mapping and many others are being developed. Let us know your need and a 3D printed prototype can be designed for you.

Light Mounts – Front and Aft running lights for better line of sight operation. Let us know the light you want to mount on to your 3D Drone and we can suggest a light mount attachment.

Prop Bumpers – The current prop guards for the 3D drone are built into a landing gear design.

Since we are continuously working on frame design and drone add ons there is often a delay before we get some of these things online. Contact for questions on our latest 3D drone designs and options.

Custom Drone Design is offered in applications where you have specific needs for your industry. The options and add ons for customizing your drone are many. We can customize or design a part for your drone for the 3D Drone MOD Series or Open Drone Series both the HoverCat Quad and VisionCat Hex.

Contact us for more information on Drone Options.