Drone Design

Drone Design at Outdoor Robotics has been a corner stone for building small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) technology. Currently we have two drone series:

The Hovercat Series includes: The HoverCat-4  Quad MultiRotor drone The HoverCat -6 Hex MultiRotor drone
HoverCat and VisionCat were designed for those that will be using their drone in commercial applications. They were designed with an customizable frame allowing flexibility for addons. We have used these in demonstrations from Homeland Security to Large Media companies.

The 3D Drone Series includes: The MODv, MODi, MODo and MODu.
Outdoor Robotics 3D printable drone series will be an ongoing design endeavor to bring more innovative enterprise friendly design to the drone market. While we currently have 6 designs to date with several add ons we are continuing the digital development and are making these designs available online to gather more community collaboration for advancing innovation. We have been working with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Students in several academic departments and we excited by the ongoing developments that continuously being achieved.

If you are interested in the being involved Outdoor Robotics Open Drone Design, join us at the Outdoor Robotics meetup.