Drone Delivery Program Making Headlines

Recently, Amazon’s drone delivery program has been making headlines and turning heads around the world. Could something like this actually become a reality? Some think yes but others are skeptic about the Amazon drone capabilities. However, with improvements being made with sensor technology, Amazon’s goal of having Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) deliver packages right to a person’s front door is slowly but surely becoming a reality.

When it comes to developing this sensor technology, it can get rather tricky. There are numerous companies trying out different ideas and techniques to improve the sensor technology on these Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS). Without effect sensor technology, all the SUAS in the sky run the risk of flying and crashing into things which could cause a lot of damage and problems with airspace and other flying objects. A lot of this sensor and “sense and avoid” technology is already available. The challenge is breaking down this technology to a small enough size where it can fit on such a small surface on the SUAS. This is a difficult task because of all the other technology and components that have to go on the SUAS as well.

In order to accomplish the “sense and avoid” dilemma, companies are mounting a variety of sensors on SUAS and testing their capabilities. A combination of sensors, including micro-radar and optical readers, will give drones full ability to detect objects. Another goal of those working SUAS sensor technology is being able to equip them with their own form of radar. With it’s own radar, a SUAS could effectively know where it is and what it’s surrounding flight area is filled with.

Drone technology is really taking off around the world. With all the advancements in technology, companies are beginning to utilize UAVs more and more, and once the full potential of UAVs is unlocked, things are really going to change for the better in the world of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

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