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Outdoor Robotics product support guarantee 

When you buy an Outdoor Robotics product or service we make sure to support you; whether that is providing links or resources for training, supplying spares and parts, or repairing products and giving valuable product information to help keep you flying safely.

While you can buy a UAS or drone in a box store, this type of technology is a bit different than most electronics or computers. For one – it does go in the air. At Outdoor Robotics we have been flying Radio Control aircraft for many years and drones are a very recent advanced technology that does make it easier to fly, yet not with out some degree of knowledge and practice.

So we know through experience that in order to provide a drone product it is important that we be able to provide our customers with Great Support to keep them having the enjoyable and productive experience they envisioned when first purchasing their product.

Please contact us and let us know how we can assist you.


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