Commercial Drone Solutions

Grimmster Outdoor Robotics provides advanced commercial drone technology for industry and commercial businesses.

With Outdoor Robotics – Groundscan you will be able to integrate gathered aerial data with autodesk and other design desktop software:


GroundScan is an easy to use and powerful flight control program. You will have everything you need to plan, fly and track the HoverCat Pixhawk powered drone.

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Drone Aerial Data Solutions

Outdoor Robotics provides advanced aerial solutions for a variety of industries and commercial businesses.

These include:


  • Job oversight to better manage
  • Client updates – share weekly project status with drone imagery
  • Overlaying drone imagery collected with the original design to reduce costly mistakes


  • Commercial building inspection


  • Civil engineering sites
  • Waterways and shipping
  • Oil and gas pipeline
  • Fishery Protection
  • Crop Performance


  • Bridge crack inspections
  • Commercial roof leaks
  • Wind prop & turbine

Disaster Management

  • Disaster effects management
  • Rescue and clear up effort supervision
  • Disaster damage estimation

Crop Management

  • Crop production management
  • Agricultural Activities
  • Crop Dusting


  • Telecommunications
  • Telecom relay and signal coverage survey


  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  • Mineral exploration
  • Geophysical surveys

These industries are using the advanced capabilities of commercial drone technology.

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