Drone Flying – A Short Guide

I came across a short fun animated guide to some of the basic rules of flying your Multirotor drone. Check it out. Its a UK video yet it covers most of the same rules that govern basic RC Multi rotor Drone flying in the United States. You can see the Rules and Regulations links at https://www.outdoorrobotics.com/faa-rules-regulations/.  

9 Great Ways to Use Drones

The FAA has just announced new rules allowing the commercial use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) also known as drones. That’s great news for a number of innovative companies and agencies that are ready to put Drones to good use. There’s some incredibly good things that are being done with drones that you might not know […]

Drone Delivery Program Making Headlines

Recently, Amazon’s drone delivery program has been making headlines and turning heads around the world. Could something like this actually become a reality? Some think yes but others are skeptic about the Amazon drone capabilities. However, with improvements being made with sensor technology, Amazon’s goal of having Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) deliver packages right to […]

UAS to be used to Inspect Pipelines, Turbines, and Oil Rigs

Structural inspectors have to climb 200 feet to look around turbines or oil rigs, and use a manned aircraft such as a Cessna to inspect 200 miles pipeline. This can not only be costly but also time consuming in operations. Unmanned Aerial Systems are being developed specifically for these operations that will be lower in […]

Multirotors to Help Farmers with Crop Monitoring

The uses of multirotor systems has a vast spectrum from aerial photography to surveillance to even construction and contracting. But can these multirotor systems help out on the farm? The answer is yes! Multicopters have a big use in the agricultural industry and can provide farmers with ease of use while determining what to do […]

UAS Movie and TV Production

Along with the many uses and applications for civilian UAS, the film industry has been trying to get their hands on UAS for filming. This is another fine example of an industry realizing the true potential and benefit of using UAS for a multitude of applications. Recently seven photo and video production companies have asked […]

UAV Makes Inaugural Flight

For a while now, the question of what will Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs) be used for remains up in the air. One of the biggest future applications of UAVs lies with the agricultural aspect. On May 26th, SUAS News reported on a UAV making its inaugural flight at Carrington Research Extension Center. On May 5th, […]

Multirotors Used for Fighting Fires

Multirotors with their wide varieties of payloads in uses have found their way into the business of assisting in saving lives and property! Commercialization of Unmanned Aerial System Technology has started to prove its use among fire chiefs around the country, and they are now starting to utilize the technology to give them a broader […]

Rules and Regulations

The exponential and undeniable growth in the popularity of unmanned aircraft system’s is the result of their numerous merits. Unmanned aircraft systems are used for purposes such as firefighting, search and rescue, disaster relief, border patrol, weather monitoring, hurricane tracking and crime scene documentation. They are also well suited for high risk operation such as […]