Drone Racing

This small quad copter in mid flight during a drone race in Central Florida. A quick image of just some of the technology and organization that goes into one of these events.  

FPV Drone Racing Rig

This is brother Larry’s FPV Drone racing rig. It was especially useful this year while attending the CFL FPV drone racing event in February. Its a Winnebago!. A lot different than the Winnebagos I used to see growing up.

Modulus 4 – Module Drone

Having seen some of the previous design and protoype work form the previous post, here is the final version of the MOD4 module drone design before going to the Fall Surf and Lifestyle Expo. This is has a 25 mm tube diameter with 17 inch motor to motor center frame dimensions. So, because we were […]

Drone 3D Design and Print

In the process of designing the Modulus Drone there many… many chnages to the frame construction along with many prototype misprints as we tried to figure out the correct measurements for the V frame joints. The print below is just one of the rear joint designs we tried to get the correct angle to strength […]

First Modular Drone Prototype

In our pursuit to create a truly purposeful and marketable drone for the average person we tried to answer many of the unanswered questions that we received during the first Surf Expo we attended in January 2014. One of the primary concerns was ; how does the average person fix one of these multirotors once […]

FPV Equipment Testing

Brother Lawrence and I were out testing the FPV (First Person View) equipment before an upcoming Demo to Homeland Security with our Outdoor Robotics Commercial UAV’s. Lawrence with FPV goggles fine tuning the HoverCat Quad Copter