9 Great Ways to Use Drones

The FAA has just announced new rules allowing the commercial use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) also known as drones. That’s great news for a number of innovative companies and agencies that are ready to put Drones to good use.

There’s some incredibly good things that are being done with drones that you might not know about. Here’s just 9 examples of good deeds that drones can, will be, and are currently doing for us:

9 Great Ways To Use Drones

  1. Agriculture – drones can be used to fly over fields and provide real-time images to farmers regarding the health of their crops. The drones can perform their flyover tasks quickly and safely, saving the farmer’s valuable time and money. The information provided by the drones can highlight exactly which areas of their crops will need closer examination – meaning less time spent scouting, and more time treating the plants that need it.
  2. International Space Station Monitoring – the ISS has some cool little drones called smart SPHERES that are able to float in place and move around the station assisting the astronauts by conducting surveys and inspections of the interior of the ship. One day they’ll be used to inspect the exterior as well.
  3. Crime Scene Investigation – law enforcement agencies can use drones to gather images used to reconstruct crime scenes as well as monitor active events from a safe distance as they unfold.
  4. Transmission Line Monitoring – in the time it would take a crew to set up their utility truck and put their safety gear on, a drone can have 1000 ft of transmission line closely inspected with the data streaming in real-time to a lineman safely on the ground.
  5. Construction Surveying– drones can be equipped to gather millions of data points in one short flyover of a construction site. A drone will be able to survey in one day what might take a team of surveyor’s weeks to accomplish.
  6. Tall Building Construction – drones may be used one day in building modular skyscrapers.
  7. Construction Inspection – drones can be very useful in collecting daily progress images of construction sites, and keeping track of stockpiled materials.
  8. Search and Rescue – drones are becoming a vital resource for search and rescue because of response time and the ability to easily cover large areas.
  9. Emergency Response – the use of drones in an emergency response situation will be instrumental in saving lives. It can help first responders in their rescue efforts after a devastating tornado or hurricane or earthquake; or show firefighters where to focus their efforts in a building fire; or assist hazmat crews by detecting what type of chemical has leaked; or even assist Homeland Security crews with determining biological agents.

Drones, whether they’re aerial, ground, or marine, are the way of the future. There will be countless ways in which they’ll make our lives better by saving us time and money to safely perform our daily tasks.